The Do's and Don'ts of a shared space, office environment to help you get things better

It is a mater of fact that when you are using a shared office space or are going to share your office space to the other businesses, then you will have to cope with a lot of things that are a result if sharing an office space with other office set ups. Problems and challenges are there and these an be minor ones as well as a little complex issue that you may need to tackle efficiently and also effectively to make sure all things work smoothly. In New Zealand, you may notice that most of the office space options or shared office opportunities are availed by various types and sizes of business, and due to this we cannot estimate, how well the office will work while having a wide range of business setups and employees working together in one place.

The best thing that we can do is to keep a few things in mind that may affect the overall performance of a co-working space includes the interpersonal interactions and the way we create a better office space for a particular business.

Here are some important things that we can put forth in creating a better shared office environment:


Always respect the privacy of others and should not interfere with the sensitive issues of any business. As if you have a shared office space Auckland or serviced offices Wellington with two or more other business, you must always respect their privacy.

Make sure you talk in a low tone so that the people around you remain unaffected.

Try to create a harmonious and a well balanced, friendly environment and share some time with other office members around you.

Try to discuss and solve issues you face or others are facing.


Don’t talk too much as it might be irritating for others who are sharing the office space together.

Don’t interfere with any confidential matters of others as it will be disturbing for others. As in most of the serviced offices Auckland there are multiple offices running alongside each other, and you need to follow some rules.

Don’t try to clutter things up and as it will not only ruin your office space but will also affect the overall space for others. As, for example, if you are working in an office space Wellington where there are three office setups, messing up, yours will affect the looks of the other two as well.

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